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Welcome to the KFS Quad Kiwi SDR HF radio receiver system located six miles south of Half Moon Bay, California, USA. This facility is maintained by Craig, W6DRZ, e-mail A complete technical description, operating tips, propagation information, and a donation opportunity can all be found on the ABOUT page. More information on the KiwiSDR project can be found on A worldwide listing, with map, of KiwiSDR systems can be found on

*** For optimum amateur radio listening, please use the KFS WebSDR. ***

Another Kiwi system on the West coast is KPH, Point Reyes, California, 100 Km NW of KFS. It resumed operation on 8/23/21 after being offline for 16 months.
For a Kiwi in the Central Western USA use the Northern Utah KiwiSDR, about 1000 Km NNE of KFS.

(27 Mar) The KFS Radio Club has been issued the callsign W6KFS.
(6 Oct) Separate Kiwi receivers are now avilable on all four TCI antennas. Use this Landing Page for access.
(8 Nov), Squelch (AM & SSB) feature added in Kiwi version 4.19.
(11 Feb) Brief power outage took WebSDR and Omni, NW Kiwi down; all restored now.
(20 Apr) There are low signal levels on the SW sector antenna - An investigation is underway.
(21 Nov) Thank you to W0ZZS, KH6PXM, AD6RH, KK6JP, NN6A, WA6ZVE, K7GLD, N6BYH,K6NZH, K6LLO, WB6JHQ, K6GZA, and KB0W for their recent donations.

This system consists of four KiwiSDR systems, each connected to a different TCI antenna. Choose from the table below for reception from your direction of interest:

Omnidirectional Northwest Sector Southwest Sector Southeast Sector
TCI 530 Omni LP, 6 dBi gain TCI 532 LP, 12 dBi gain @ 278° TCI 532 LP, 12 dBi gain @ 222° TCI 537B LP, 15 dBi gain @ 135°
USA and Western North America Japan, Indonesia, Western Australia, Northern and Western Pacific Hawaii, Eastern Australia, New Zealand, and South Pacific SouthWest USA, Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America
KFS Omni KiwiSDR
Omni Map NW Sector Map SW Sector Map SE Sector Map